Owing to the Covid-19 pandemia, the activities of the project start formally in 2021, even though the project has been approved in December 2018. EACEA accepted to postpone the end of the implementation period to December 2022 keeping the two years project length as set in the original application.

It is possible to identify three types of meetings with different working methods in their implementation:

1. Coordination meetings, where the contact people of each organization meet to discuss and plan in details the project activities and to evaluate the construction of the communication digital tool and the possible follow-up based on the results of the local events.

2. Transnational seminars, with an opening conference, with exchange of partners’ best practices, focused on the concept of sustainable democracy and how this issue can be transferred locally thanks to the improvement of the interaction between young people and public authorities. The second transnational meeting is final event where the results of the local events and the digital tool to help the communication young people- public authorities is presented.

3. Local events, one in each partnering country, with a double aim: to create an active stakeholders’ network among young people and to meet European young people to discuss about the project topics and to create a shared communication digital tool.

A horizontal topic through all the project length will be the participation of young migrant in the civic society and in the volunteering action.