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Method Bank

Here you can find different methods, activities, and projects that the organizations in the SAYouth network is working with. It can be anything from small activities that you use as an icebreaker in workshops or full-scale projects. These are not always “perfectly” developed, most of these things are works in development.

Ale Influence Square

Influence Square is a physical meeting place between young people in the municipality and decision makers and is a key to the entire work with young people’s influence in the Ale municipality. The local youth council are the ones who plan and implement the project with the support of coordinators for youth influence, youth coaches and teachers responsible for the student council.

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Upcoming events of the project



Final event

in Sweden

Coordination meetings, where the contact people of each organization meet to discuss and plan in details the project activities and to evaluate the construction of the communication digital tool and the possible follow-up based on the results of the local events.