Leader Liiveri

Leader Liiveri is a local action group (LAG) for rural and development operating in beautiful and unique province of South Ostrobothnia, Finland.

The aim of Liiveri’s development program is to increase the competitive capacity of the area to make the region more attractive living environment, especially for the young people, so that an increasing number will want to live and work in the region throughout their lives. The focus areas are the villages, the youth, internationality, communities and entrepreneurships and work-activities.

To maintain the vitality of the region Liiveri offers partial EU-funding for enterprises and development projects. The organization is regulated by the board with twelve members and twelve deputies. Association includes 200 members. Liiveri has 5 employees.

Throughout Liiveri’s history young people has been in the centre of the development work. Young people are not just targets of the development actions, but they are real actors themselves. In the youth section there are about 10 young members, from age 16 to 25 years. The section meets about 6 times a year. Their job is to activate and inform young people on local development, they evaluate project applications that concern young people and they make decision.