Thermi Municipality

The Municipality of Thermi is situated in the eastern area of Thessaloniki metropolitan area (region of Central Macedonia), at a distance of fifteen (15) km from the metropolitan center of Thessaloniki and consists of fourteen (14) local communities.

Today, the population of the municipality is over 50.000 people (53.201 according to the results of the 2011 census), Young people (less than 15years): 20,70%, Young people (15 to 29 years) : 15,25%.

Thermi MunicipalityThermi is a rapidly growing and economically viable zone, which is developed as a residential expansion of the Thessaloniki metropolitan area, but also as a pole for the location of industrial plants, tertiary sector activities and highly specialized services,maintaining, at the same time, the characteristics of a developed suburban agricultural economy.

Concerning the sectors of education, social protection, sports and culture, Municipality of Thermi is active, designs and implements educational programs for students and youth as well as lifelong learning programs addressed to all age groups. The cultural and sports policy of the Municipality is implemented through the 11 Municipal Cultural Centers in cooperation with the cultural and sports clubs activated in the area. A wide range of awareness actions for social issues as well as informative campaigns such as e.g. against poverty or health prevention are also organised regularly ​in cooperation with national or international NGO’s.

Thermi MunicipalityOne of our main goals is to create a new identity for the city based on the recognition of the value of learning, participation and integration especially of young people in social and political life. In November 2019 we created the Youth Council of the municipality of Thermi, where young people can participate and through educational processes learn how to decide in a participatory way on the actions they consider important for their life and place.

We believe that more communication, interaction and cooperation between young people people with different backgrounds through learning will benefit not only our citizens but also our region in general.​

We aim to build an interactive learning city with active citizens by promoting and facilitating a shared commitment to sustainable local and regional development. This joint action will benefit our citizens who will be encouraged to appreciate the necessity of lifelong learning at all levels (individual and collective) and recognize the importance of education and research to the improvement of the economic and social life of our community.